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So, you’ve just bought your first home, such an exciting but expensive time and there may not be much left in the bank for accessorising or even furnishing your new pad, so the need to prioritise your spending is pretty high right now!

The two major furniture purchases will be the sofa or suite for the living room, and the bed. If there is a need for both, remember that you spend around 25 years of your life sleeping, so a bed is the one to spend your money on, as a decent bed frame can last for ten years or more and good quality is essential for a good nights sleep.

Here are a few tips on purchasing a new bed for your first home.

Firstly measure your bedroom to see what size bed will fit. A huge bed will make the room look smaller and will not leave much space for other furniture if your room is small. Beds without large frames, such as divan beds where you can add a stylish headboard, will not look too huge and dwarf the smaller bedroom.

If you are lucky enough to have a large bedroom, go for it and look at something a bit grander! Quality heavy wooden bedframes may look enticing, but you will need to make sure the springs are of a high quality so they last as long as the rest of the frame!

If storage is a problem or again, if the room is small, look for beds that have in-built storage, such as an ottoman bed or if you choose a bed with legs as opposed to a divan, you can buy plastic storage boxes and slide them under the bed out of the way.

There are many gimmicky beds on the market, beds with televisions that pop out of the footboard, beds with docking stations for an ipod or even beds with stereos! Once upon a time waterbeds were all the range, but like these new fads, they never caught on becoming the exception bed wise rather than the rule. Although the uniqueness and luxury of a home entertainment system by your pillow may be attractive, remember that a bed is essentially for sleep, not for dancing in! Money should be spent on quality not novelty.

Choosing a mattress can be difficult if you have never bought one before. Taking the time to visit a bed store and to test out the variety of mattresses available is a good plan. Even if you want to buy online, it won’t hurt to spend half an hour in store to see what there is to choose from. A mattress should be firm but not hard. Back problems and interrupted sleep, are often caused by an uncomfortable mattress. Testing a mattress means lying down on one and if there are two of you who will be sharing the bed, you should both give it a test drive by lying down on the mattress and checking that you don’t roll towards each other or be able to feel the slightest movement from your partner.

You should not sink into your bed or have a bed that is so firm you roll off it. Visit Bedstar direct for an online look at a wide variety of beds and mattresses to suit all tastes and budgets.

The perfect bed and mattress should gently mould to the contours of your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and well rested in the morning thus giving you a comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep.

After all the stresses and strains of buying your first place to live, what more can one ask for?

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