Get Kids Involved in Scrapbook Projects

On a trip back home to visit my best friend and her new born I set myself a goal. She has three children, and not a single photo album put together. Sure, she is incredibly busy, but all of the photos and special mementos are quickly accumulating. Now, she has too many overflowing boxes and a wish for them to magically be placed into photo albums.

Knowing how precious, yet unorganised these materials are, I want to help get them organised. There is a lot of work ahead, I envision at least three baby albums, a wedding album, and a family album. The real trick is going to be doing all of this while the three children are still home for the summer break. I will have to get the children on the computer to play with the photo edit software while I am printing and sticking. It constantly amazes me how quickly kids pick up techniques on computers these days. Still, it will clearly be a relief to both she and her husband, plus will promote a happy home. It is really is important though that you have a solid baby album available where you can treasure priceless moments and memories. It is a good idea though to seek advice on how to best photograph babies. There is some helpful advice here to follow that will help you take better pictures.

For supplies, I have purchased the five albums and a couple of preassembled scrapbooking kits. Along with a couple that are geared towards kids, so I can employ a few mini workers. Next, I will schedule a meeting with my friend to discuss her vision for the project. Then, the fun begins.

I will follow up on how it all plays out, but as I see it, no matter what, a major task will be completed. Plus, I will get to spend quality time with her three little ones, whom I barely know yet. The perfect project I think.

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